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LA Based clothing company ‘The Quiet life‘ are among the most cutting edge brand out there at the moment. And 2012 has been a great year for The Quiet Life x The Alternative store. We are now stocking an ever growing range of almost 30 different hats from QL.

Although we have a wide range available, We try not to over stock on designs as we believe, Like QL that the key to great street wear is Exclusivity. The whole fun of owning a great piece of clothing is like having a work of art. if everyone is walking round in the same clothing we lose our individuality.

on the plus side, Most QL hats are essentially one of a kind as each hat is cut from the same material but each peice is slightly different from the last.

Anyways, The reason im blogging today is because we have just got a new shipment of 5-Panels and Snaps and they are cool as. Check this out…

We keep our prices reasonable here at The Alternative Store and stay competitive with other stockists. All our QL 5-Panels are priced at £34.99. I’ve linked the images to our store and if you would like to see our full range of 5-Panels click HERE


Along with some wicked new hats we got a couple items of clothing. We keep our range of QL mens clothing pretty tight but heres a sweet new Tee

The Pug life Tee is available (not for long) at £27.50


Thats all for now, Keep checking by for more blogs


Keeping warm this winter……

Hi Guys!

so, this is our first post in a long time. Our new website is looking awesome and Christmas is coming so here’s a few things we all think are going to blow up this winter season….

First of all, This year we have the best and broadest selection of beanies and bobble hats we have ever had. with a huge selection from Brixton, Etnies, Crooks&Castles, Altamont,   Life, Dickies and many many more.

Thought i would drop some knowledge and tell you about whats keeping our heads warm and our hair flattened this winter.

First of all, Here’s the classic Grey beanie from old school (the brand we all repped back in the day) skate heroes Etnies.

This is a simple beanie with the classic turned up bottom and stitched on label. Not only is this simply rad, its DIRT cheap. It is onsale both on our webstore and our storestore for only £15

So you cant go wrong really.



Next up (George’s favourite) This Beanie from gangsters Crooks and castles is fresher ‘n fresh. Here in our hometown of Sheffield camo is huge. I mean, everyone is wearing camo, man. The city is looking like ‘nam! ‘you weren’t there maaaan!!!’
so obviously this is going down a treat. the cool thing about this piece is that youll never find a  pattern anywhere near as cool as this and the bright orange touches look amazing! ofcourse this hat aint quite £15 but you pay for the superb quality and extra touches from crooks.

Here on the right is the boring stock image, below is intern George rockin his new beanie hard.

Last of the beanies im gonna tell you about today is a couple more from Etnies and a couple from Hippy Skaters Altamont

Heres me (beardy) and Gina (caramel babe) wearin a few new hats we recently got in.

The two Bobble hats are the new for A/W’12  Etnies Steppen, Available in the Black/Yellow and Grey/Black. real nice, real warm and pretty cool, man. These are retailing at only £19.95

above the bobble hats we got the Andrew Reynolds (Skate God) signature beanies. again, these are real smart. really nice fit (not too tight,not too saggy) these are cool as hell not only because of the awesome burgundy and Forest Green Colourways We got in but the standard stylish modesty found in all altamonts products. the simple ‘A’ Logo hand stitched on to the brim is the finishing touch that makes this hat a killer stocking filler and bad ass head warmer.

Find more cool stuff from Altamont here, here and here...

Dont go thinking we only sell these 4 hats, because you my friend would be wrong. We have loads on the beanies section of our new website so go check ’em out. and remember what your mum used to about if you go out without a hat youll get a cold, She was lying. But with our new range you may as well go along with it just to make her feel better.

Keep yer eyes peeled from more blog entries coming soon from scappy amateur blogger. ME