Behind the scenes

A lot of people don’t realise the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes at an independent retailer: unlike chain stores (who typically have a whole department for buying) we hand pick all of our stock ourselves, usually 6 months in advance. As you can imagine this takes a lot of hard work, trial and error and forward thinking in order to get it right!

Last week we popped over to Manchester to check out the Autumn/Winter 2013 ranges from Dickies, The Hundreds, Mishka, Altamont, King Apparel, Rebel 8, The Quiet Life, Eastpak, Brixton and Rook. After painstakingly examining every item of each brand’s range, we mark off our best picks to review later. After a few days to think about the exact specifics and quantities of each piece, we place an order with the brand’s distributer. Needless to say we saw loads of brilliant product from all involved – Autumn/Winter 2013 is going to be a great season for us, with loads of surprises for you guys!

TAS ‘Steel City’ range in store and online now!

We have recently launched our own line of branded apparel at the Alternative Store – featuring beanies, bobble hats, tees, sweaters and hoodies. The garments feature our TAS scissors logo, along side slogan designs paying homage to our home town – ‘Steel City’ & ‘South Yorks’. Check out the full range here.




We are currently holding a huge sale here at the Alternative Store, with up to 60% off selected lines, plus an extra 10% off if you use the code “MYJANDISC20” at checkout!

Here’s some of the best picks of the sale:


Dickies 874 work pant – an absolute classic street staple. Solid, dependable construction, classic chino style, comes in a variety of colourways (all of which will look great with anything) and now only £33.71! Get yours here!



Crooks & Castles Air Guns crewneck sweater – heather grey. A classic piece from everyone’s favourite LA gangsters Crooks & Castles, these guys always deliver straight up ghetto streetwear. Now only £55.24, get yours here!



Skulls International Cosmos 5 Panel / Camp Cap. A wild all over intergalactic planetary pattern from our favourites at the Skulls. This cap is great – its got loads of vibrant pop but will stand out from the hordes of tonal, floral and camo 5 panels that are around these days. One of our favourites! Only £26.95, get yours here.

Check out the rest of the sale over at The Alternative Store.

The Alternative Store 121 Division Street

As you may already know, we recently opened a new store front at 121 Division Street. The store is only 3 doors down from the Forum Shops (where our main store, formerly known as Fuse is located) and features the more premium, boutique end of our range (includings Crook & Castles, The Hundreds, 10 Deep, Dickies, XCVB, Mishka, Rook and more). Our shop in the Forum is now home to our more alternative/skate oriented brands such as Hype, Famous Stars & Straps, Altamont, The Quiet Life and DC, plus select pieces from our 121 Division Street brands.

The store’s interior is constructed of naturally sourced, 100% reclaimed wood and features scaffolding rails, a counter made from our old cellar door and a huge stack of cap shelves. Here are some pictures of the build, next time you’re in town come swing by and check it out! We will be bringing in some rad new brands from the UK and abroad in the coming months and the new store has been receiving great reactions from everyone so far. It is a very exciting time for the Alternative Store!

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