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We are always super busy here at TAS, We have two small shops and a small dedicated team who run both stores and our website. after facebook started limiting our reach we have moved over to focusing on instagram. This way there no daft status’ just images. As soon as a new delivery drops we shoot it, chuck it on instagram and wait. Then fist thing the next day we get people running in after the fresh stuff.

I like instagram because it also gives us a chance to get a bit creative. Our feed not only shows whats fresh but also random items that catch our eye everyday. along with the odd photo of us pratting about when the bigmans not around.

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We also love it when you guys tag US #thealternativestore – if you buy anything from us, take a sticker anything you think we might like to see. you never know if we like what we see you might even get a freebee.


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Homegrown, The Alternative Store’s own designs now on sale.



We recently launched some products of our own here at TAS. Starting with basics like the Beanies and moving on to garments like Tees and now Raglan/Baseball tees. as a team we make sure that although these designs are basic in terms of the print we make sure that everything is printed locally by our friends over at Yorkshire tee and on quality Tees and the best fitting Beanies we can find while still selling at a reasonable price. The reaction locally has been great and we have sent our logo Beanies and Tees worldwide, and its awesome that you guys are representing down south in London, Australia, Eastern Europe and the states. SO THANKS!

orangebeannavy beanmustardbean

This is just a few colours we stock, We have many many more. Come get yours for a very reasonable £14 right HERE.



OK, So this photo sucks. I know, and i dont care. These baseball Tees are around £27, made on really nice light fabric perfect for sweaty summers and good an extra layer in winter. Order yours HERE


This has sold great here. Simple Alternate logo on a heavyweight plain white Tee.

Get it for just a couple tenners.



We have recently has some of these Tee printed on black and Acid washed – They look rad, But i think these are being kept for locals only – SORRY WORLD.


We also have some sweet ass stickers for the local skate kids but we also include them with every web order…

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Summer ’13 x Autumn ’13 Fresh Collections and limited pieces…


We are proud to introduce some of the finest collections TAS has ever had. Amazing pieces from Street wear aficionados 10DEEP top picks of this summers Crooks & Castles summer and autumn drops and some essentials from Brixton LTD


10DEEP have been creating individual, inspirational garments since ’95. We have been in business for over 20 years. i personally have been working for TAS for almost two years and to me, these guys bring a much needed breath of fresh air to what has become street wear.

“forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.”

This simple motto is true of all things, all mediums of creativity. We get dozens of kids coming to our stores every week showing of their own new brands. (No disrespect to Indie brands, You guys doin it right are what keeps this industry alive and well) But this industry has conditioned us on the streets to believe design is as simple as printing the same old logo on plain tees season after season. Mediocrity. Not 10DEEP, I get a boner everytime i see a delivery come through our doors labelled ’10DEEP’ because i cant wait to see what they do next. This autumn ’13 collection shows all brands who is boss. Come see…


Untitled-1 copyEverything you see here


Crooks&Castles Fall (Autumn) 2013

Crooks have brought out some of the best selling garms we have ever seen here at TAS. This Autumn drop has some classic crooks style designs promising to be this years ‘Cocaine & Caviar’ (Did i mention we just got another two boxes of cocaine & Caviar stock in) this drop also has some very different style designs for these gangbangers. featuring the ‘Street crafted’ Tee which is almost like some kind of 1950 Art Deco style poster for street gangs. I wont talk about the designs too much, instead Here’s but a small peek at our range.




Our Brixton LTD Autumn ’13 drop has been insane. Brixton is an essential brand to us at TAS as it is a little different from the ‘Urban’ (i hate that word) style garments available and gives our range here some diversity that our client base appreciate (The old punks). We don’t get a huge amount in stock but we always focus on the best pieces from their range and here it is.