Uppercut Deluxe Men’s Grooming Products at The Alternative Store

We are always striving to be the ultimate ‘one-stop-lifestyle-store’ So we are Proud to present Uppercut Deluxe to our brand roster.

Inspired by the 1950’s style – Quiffs n Slicks – Uppercut deliver quality products and possibly some of the best branding known to mankind, we had to get involved!!

In this blog i just want to talk about the products we are stocking and offer some advice on how best to use them.

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay

This product delivers a non-shine finish. Works great for short hair – easily molds into any style you can imagine, and holds strong! does great for short textured looks and if you have longer hair – especially very thick hair this will do a great job on sweeping styles, making sure your mop will stay in shape all day.


Use as much as appropriate – you’ll work it out very quickly believe me! Make sure to work the product in to your hair, be firm, work it all the way into your roots then style accordingly.

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

This product is for true gents only. FACT.

The Pomade is perfect for those wanting the Slick back style, it also works great for quiffs and mohawks. This nifty product will give your hair a shiny finish and gives great hold and definition without being quite as heavy as your regular pomades.


I really like this product, and i use it. If im taking the lady friend out or having a night on the town i always use this stuff. I would reccommend using this product on DRY hair – like all these products – use a hair dryer. use the power of the dryer to start the styling while you dry it. if you run a comb through your hair and aim the dryer in the direction you want your hair going your hair will hold the finished styling better.

Once your hair is dry, rub a globule of this stuff in your hands. start applying by patting the product on your hair then start working it in firmly. once your hair is greased up, use a comb to slick. i like to comb it back giving lots of height to the quiff ( a little too much) then using your palm you can gently push your quiff down and back a little – the warmth of your hand will help and hold the hair in place.

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight 

Now, please pay attention here. The pot says featherweight – BUT NOT LIGHTWEIGHT – this stuff packs a punch so don’t be fooled.

The Featherweight wax is perfect for all styles of hair. if its a natural, dry finish you want. This is the product you need in your life. It’s my everyday hair product because it’s not heavy or sticky and it keeps my hair looking fly as a mother fucker.

The Featherweight is great for any style you want, whether its a quiff, messy rugged dude look or just fixing longer hair into place i would highly recommend this stuff. Plus it smells like lemon sherbet. and bitches love lemon sherbet.


Apply to dry hair – obviously – work it in thoroughly then style however you want. use your hands or a comb to get the results you are after. Don’t eat it, i tried. i was sick. Truth.

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold

This stuff…..This stuff is more hardcore than a black metal Tupac. All Uppercut products are water soluble – except this one. Which means its sweat resistant and drizzle proof (within reason!!) The Monster hold will suit all styles i have seen it work wonders for those lads rocking the pompadour, quiffs, slicks and Mohawks – although it isn’t advertised as suck it works great for twisting up your mustache.


work in to dry hair, for more outrageous styles work it in hard so get the most out of it. you can comb in your style or use your hands – IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU DO – IT’LL STAY LIKE IT FOR EVER – until you wash it out.

Make sure to check out this link for expert advice from Uppercut Deluxe on styling. More tutorials available by following the link below…


Make sure to check out our entire range of Uppercut Deluxe products on our web store HERE

and remember we are THE place to buy Uppercut Deluxe in Sheffield so pop by our store on Devonshire street in the city center or order from our website!

Winter is here – Coats and Jackets – we’ve got it covered!

That time of year again….. Time to splash out on new outerwear because, You cant wear that same beat up coat as last year! can you imagine the embarrassment of someone noticing that stain from last Christmas when you got pissed up on red wine down the park? fell on your ass and spilt wine all over yourself and got mud all over your arse??

Well we have all bases covered. Here is some of our favorite new garms to keep you warm from this winters new deliveries. PLUS some of last years outerwear that you can get on a sweet discounted price.

Brixton Ltd Seiver Coach Jacket CharcoalBrixton Ltd Troubador II Jacket Washed BlackBrixton Ltd Cass Outerwear Jacket Washed Blue

From the Left. The Brixton Seiver coach jacket a simple coach jacket with an embroidered patch on the breast. great extra layer and water proof too!! HERE

Center: Brixton Troubador II – a real nice lined jacket with a waxed finish and a Corduroy collar for extra swag – HERE

Right – Brixton Cass – Lumberjack style for the outdoorsman. Nice thick coat perfect for the winter and super durable just like all Brixton gear – HERE

Dickies Curtis Jacket BlackDickies Curtis Jacket Charcoal Grey

The Dickies Curtis Parka is this years banger its hooded with a fur lining and the body is thickly lined to keep you warm as hell this winter. and at around a hundreds sheets its the best value coat this year! Right HERE in black and HERE in Charcoal

We also stock the Dickies Torrance Coach jackets. Navy Black Maroon

Dickies Torrance Coach Jacket BlackDickies Torrance Coach Jacket MaroonDickies Torrance Coach Jacket Navy Blue

Simple design, Quality and durable item and we have a little discount on these – just to make sure you get the best price possible at The Alternative Store




10Deep Tenza Reversible Jacket Black / Cuzco multi 10 Deep 10 Deep – Tenza Reversible Fleece / Windbreaker 50% OFF 

Crooks and Castles Domination Parka Military Crooks n Castles Domination Parka 40% OFF

Dickies Charleston Brown Wax JacketDickies Charleston wax jacket – 50% OFF

The Quiet Life Wool Coaches Jacket The Quiet Life – Wool coach jacket – 60% OFF